´´Alex is eight years old and lives with his grandmother in the township of ImizamoYethu. He will live there until the old woman finally dies. The birth mother shows no interest in her son; she leaves her son in the care of her aunt, who also doesn´t care. Alex is alone. Alex lands on the streets. Finally, he gets involved in gang activities, in burglaries and eventually violent crimes. Alex is small for his age, and therefore the best ´´suite“ to slip through the narrowest basement windows or tiniest gap in a ceiling. If he refuses, he gets beaten up. He even gets sexually abused. The little boy has deep injuries, not only on his body but on his soul. The only safe place in his dangerous life is school and the UBUNTU after care. He often spends the whole day sleeping. His performance in school is weak. He is too tired for learning. In his fear and hopeless despair, he is often aggressive, extremely aggressive. Alex could potentially be a child with no future. This is in fact a typical fate of children growing up in the townships of South Africa“

This is one of hundreds of life stories of children in the community of Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay. UBUNTU 4 All is a very young organisation, registered as an NPO under the company act in South Africa in January 2014 and registered as a service provider at Western Cape Trade Supplier Data base in January 2015.


Grade R´s praying in assembly at Oranjekloof Primary School

Based in Hout Bay, Cape Town, Ubuntu 4 All facilitates and creates social, remedial and community based projects in the schools and informal community in Hout Bay and surrounds. Our team is directly involved in the schools and community on a daily basis with intervention, social instruction, remedial and social therapy programs, as well as with all other forms of social economic assistance.

UBUNTU’s strength is to deal with the child or young person’s problem as it occurs. We don’t fit a child or a person into a program, we fit the right program and interventions around the child, or  person, and his or her needs. This is what we believe in. In Alex’s case this would mean that we help Auntie with caring for Alex, that we help Alex with homework, we help him in class and that he attends after care and holiday clubs. We are investigating options for a safe home. We work together with school, neighbours, the Department of Social Development and the Department of Education.

Working together with schools, trained therapists and other bigger and smaller organizations, we are a direct link and first stop for the needs of people from disadvantaged situations. Problem solving, empowering the individual and the family, and providing ongoing back-up and support in the community makes Ubuntu4All a powerful, practical and direct solution.We founded a sister organisation: UBUNTU 4 all: wir-helfen-suedafrika in Germany who help us financially.

Very importantly………. in 2014 we gained support from 25 volunteers and interns who donated money, time, knowledge and passion to work with us on our projects. This way we were able to grow throughout the year.  With governmental financial support, donations and other funding in 2015 we will improve our programs, employ more local people from the community and build up new programs.

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