Current Projects - High School

Silikamva High School is a newly established public High School adjacent to the Imizamo Yethu informal settlement catering to the needs of the community. This is a growing institution with 450 learners currently, and new classes being added every year. The Western Cape provincial government will build a new modern school on this site within the next three years. Plans and development have already been approved. Ubuntu4all are actively involved in helping with the wish list for the school as detailed on their website:

⇓ Social Work

On a daily basis UBUNTU provides school social work at Silikamva. We do home visits. We have one-on-one contact with the students or we work together with their parents. We also mediate in conflicts with other students or teachers. We are in contact with all relevant authorities such as Department of Social Development, the Department of Education, SAPS, Metro Police, prisons, clinics, churches and more. We find solutions for most of the problems.

⇓ Group Work

UBUNTU works in boy and girl groups on confidentiality, aggression, gang issues and peer pressure.The main focus of the intervention program is to determine the social, academic and behavioral issues the children are experiencing and with the help of the educators we find solutions or remedies to change the situation. This allows the child’s situation to be actioned, where possible, which in turn improves ability to concentrate, alters behavior and helps learning ability.

⇓ Remedial help

We work with the support of remedial expert Chloe de la Harpe and students of the remedial university of Dortmund in Germany in remedial projects to support the teachers in class and the learners on a one on one basis to improve their academics.

⇓ Extra Mural Activities

Volunteers of UBUNTU work in extramural projects and groups: karate, mosaic, woodwork, sport. The staff of UBUNTU guide these groups and the group processes.

Results: In all four areas we have built up a good reputation. All teachers are working together with us. We know the children and their environment and the children know us and trust us. It works exceptionally well to be involved in all different overlapping areas. We hear and see a lot that we can use to help the children and their families. Every second week we have a meeting with the principal to coordinate all activities, discuss the challenges with the different students and make plans to help them. In 2015 we will focus together with the principal on increasing parent involvement. Because we are working at Moravian Primary too, we know most of the High School students and can follow up with where we’ve already been involved.

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