Current Projects - Gang - Awareness & Action Program

The main focus of this program is to create awareness of how gangs are formed, how dangerous it becomes, how it affects the individual’s life, their families and their communities. Focus is also placed on the destructive behaviors and actions that accompany it, as well as how it leads to a life of criminal behavior and ultimately courts and prisons. Individuals are encouraged and motivated to make life changing decisions for the better and to become more positive individuals adding value to society.

Youth Camps: We can learn from each other

Youth Camps: We can learn from each other

Parenting help and support skills are also shared with parents whose kids are involved in gangs, to help them facilitate and enhance change that the kids are willing to make.

One of the main projects that Ubuntu4all is involved in and give special focus to is the above -mentioned program.
The aim of the program is to engage young people that are involved in the local gangs that is causing chaos and harm in the community they    are staying in. The idea is to build relationships to the point where we can further engage through programs and discussions as to ways and means to start rebuilding their lives in order to become healthy, functional individuals that add positive value to their families and ultimately their communities.

The basic concepts we use are:

  • Construction, which focusses on all the positive values, rules and morals they were built up with as they grew up.
  • Deconstruction, when they make bad choices, go through bad experiences because of that choices and which leads to their lives breaking down; and

Reconstruction, when we look what is important and left in their lives, and start the process of rebuilding those lives.

Great focus is placed on individual choices, rebuilding their value systems while covering topics that are relevant and valuable as they grow and change through the program and process.

Camp on table mountain:´´look for the little boy in me``

Camp on table mountain:´´look for the little boy in me“

The program also builds in aspects of nature and activities in nature which takes the form of various diversions to help them realize that they can and are able to turn their lives around with the help and support of the organization. Throughout the whole process of the journey we start with them and the ongoing support we provide, one of the key end-results is also to encourage them to go back to school to further continue or further their education for those who still has the ability and potential. This we believe is in line with the words and thoughts of our late and great president Nelson Mandela: “If you want to change the world, then educate yourself”
Ubuntu4All takes participants to a level of understanding themselves by outlining the reality of the consequences they can face due their involvement in Gangsterism. Our model to effect diversion is unique and it is based on real life experiences. The decision to change remains theirs … Ubuntu4All creates the platform by implementing an effective gang awareness programme that addresses peer pressure, low self-esteem and loss of personal identity by means of camps that programmed to assist gang members. The idea is to start our own youth camps, with the difference of providing full follow up plan. Having worked in partnership with other stakeholders such as Metropolitan Police and Usiko Trust we have identified the gaps in the successful implementation of an effective programme. Ubuntu4All has a therapeutic approach mixed with our experiential understanding of gangsterism and also the relationship we built with our participants. Our gang programme is much more than just a programme, it is building a relationship and allowing these young men the opportunity to build a better future, and to become positive role models within their own communities.

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