Current Projects - Family Works

⇓ Family group conference

is a restorative justice mechanism by which families and communities are involved in making decisions about children who are accused of crimes. The family group conference aims for negotiated solutions to conflict. It is designed to heal the breach in social relationships caused by crime. The first step is that the child must acknowledge responsibility for his or her actions. The family group conference itself, is a meeting of all the people who are significant in the child’s life, as well as the victim and the persons supportive of the victim. The main goal of the conference is to formulate a plan about how best to put the wrong, right. All the parties agree to the eventual outcome. The parties might agree, for example, that the child should apologise, or replace what has been stolen.

Result: We started this project recently and run 3 pilots at the moment. For 2015 we will increase our activities and intend to make it an important part of UBUNTU 4 All.

⇓ Parent group

If a child has a problem, the parents automatically have a problem too and the other way round. If parents have problems, the child will most of the time suffer as well. The parent groups focus on building a support group around a child and want to be a support for the parent in all life situations. UBUNTU facilitates this group but the strength of this group is that the parents help each other and give each other the feeling that they are not alone with their problems.

Result: This has been the biggest challenge for us. Parent attendance is quite poor. To increase the attendance we work more closely with the schools, and other organizations. Our strength: we work consistently and don’t give up.  We welcome every parent who attends.  We have involved a mother from the community tohelp us coordinating the parent work and run it together with our family therapist. We have definitely been successful in terms of the support. We hope to increase the number of parents for 2015.

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