Current Projects - Community Projects

Besides the many problems we experience at the schools, we also see a lot happening in the community of Imizamo Yethu. This has an influence on the school boys and girls. When the children go home from school they find themselves in an unsafe environment with a lot of abuse, crime and neglect, gang activities and violence…. UBUNTU feels that it is our duty to work toward a safe environment for all. We are present on a daily basis with home visits, group sessions for various groups and sometimes we go there just to have chats. We don’t blame the perpetrators but try to understand where they are coming from and help them to change their attitudes and modify their behaviour.

⇓ Out-of-schoolers groups

These are groups of boys and girls who are not at school any longer. They left school early, some even in Grade 5 or 6. Out-of-schoolers that previously belonged to gangs are taken through a process of understanding how to start a small business from a basic idea, which can operate during the day. They are encouraged to go to night school to complete their grade 9 certificate. On completion, they are encouraged to register at an FET college for further studies, or further schooling and tertiary studies as well as encouraging and stimulating their potential to break out of the poverty cycle which is a trap that leads to crime. In these groups we significantly and transform attitudes, focusing on a stable and better controlled lifestyle. Huge focus is placed on looking at good, bad and important aspects in their lives. We work at restructuring attitudes to improve behavior and actions, in order to become more functional individuals that add value to their own lives, their families and their societies.

Result: We currently run 2 out-of-schooler boys groups and will accommodate an out-of-schooler girls group this year as well. We take them for camps, for hikes, for discussions, for different programs and group meetings. We organize motivational speakers and then take them back to school or college. Volunteers have one-on-one and group sessions with them for extra math and extra English and spend free time with them. All these activities together help them to focus on their future.

⇓ Adult Education

Volunteers and interns from overseas accommodate groups with young men and women who want to improve their writing and reading skills or need some extra lessons to be able to follow the curriculum at evening school. This extra attention, even in a one-on–one setting, is well attended. Out-of-schoolers and adults who now find the time to concentrate on their education, are happy with this support.

Result: In this group we have focused on confidence building. We support 10 people at the moment and expect to extend the groups in 2015.

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