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Based in Hout Bay, Cape Town Ubuntu4all is a non-profit company registered under the company act in South Africa. We facilitate and create social, remedial and community based projects in the schools and informal community in Hout Bay and surrounds. Our team is directly involved in the schools and community on a daily basis with intervention, social instruction, remedial and social therapy programs, as well as with all other forms of social economic assistance.

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We as UBUNTU find that volunteering and internship are in perfect line with our goal of substantive and structural improvement in the education and living conditions of the children and their parents in the township schools and the township itself. In the fight against poverty, good teaching conditions, a qualified education and a safer and happier everyday life are of essential value.

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… Franziska Mecklenbrauck took part in Ubuntu as a German Volunteer

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Crisis management and intervention with youth. Facilitating youth programs.

Daily on the ground presence in schools and the community

Training and skills development for adults and youth

Addressing medical primary care solutions for children and families

Counselling and therapy for victims of violence, abuse and rape

Working with community, police and local authorities towards lasting solutions.


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Silikamva High School is pleased to have Ubuntu4all partner with us in the delivery of their Educational and Social Projects Programme aimed at developing and upskilling the teenage learners of the Imizamo Yethu community in Hout Bay.


Principal, Silikamva High School

I became acquainted with the work of Ubuntu4All in 2014 when as a Prosecutor in the Child Justice Court at Wynberg Magistrate Court Cape Town South Africa, I was appointed to Chair a Task Team to address the problem of crime amongst the youth in Hout Bay.

Sylke Kakebeeke-Funk was appointed to the Task Team to assist in identifying the problem and finding sustainable solutions. From then on we have worked together with other stakeholders in the community to empower our youth to rise above their circumstances and escape the traps of criminal behavior.

Ubuntu 4 All has proven to be an essential part of addressing the core of the problem which we identified as young people having left school prematurely. The organization has proven itself to be flexible and innovative with a wonderful ability to identify both pressing needs and suitable partners and work cooperatively to get the job done.

I can endorse the success of their work as I have seen it to this point and would support any endeavor on their part to receive accreditation as a legitimate and trustworthy service provider.

Gabriela Mckellar


Ubunti4All is an extraordinary organisation working in Hout Bay doing work that really should be done by government and against considerable resource odds.  Imizamo Yethu, particularly, is a burgeoning squatter settlement with a host of youth problems which Sylke Kakebeeke, Burt Elliot and their team throw themselves into solving. They work with hundreds of young people – far more than a small team their size should be tasked with – with single-minded dedication and little praise.

Dr. Don Pinnock

Centre of Criminology and Usiko Trust

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